If you are having yourself tested, then this page does not apply to you. But if you are having another person tested, be careful . . .

Ventura County polygraph clients:
If you are testing somebody else about
cheating on you or about stealing from you,
NEVER accept the results of a polygraph unless
you are present to watch it and
listen to it from start to finish!

Examiners are occasionally offered money or sex to falsely 'pass' a person.
Most examiners won't take a bribe, but some will.

polygraph bribe

And, some people being tested will try to influence an examiner with a sad story.

Examiners are human, and polygraph results are the examiner's 'opinion'.

If you are the client, and you are having a person tested,
follow these two instructions or you might regret it later:

1. Do NOT leave your person alone with the examiner.

2. INSIST on watching and listening to the entire test from start
to finish, either quietly within the testing room or from
a nearby room with a live camera screen with sound!

monitor polygraph testventura polygraph screen

If your examiner can not arrange for your quiet monitoring AS THE TEST OCCURS,
find an examiner that is more professionally set up for this professional situation.

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If you (the Client) are told that you will make the other person nervous,
or that you will not sit still, or that you will 'interfere':
Laugh in their face!
To be told this would be an insult to you and to your intelligence.

polygraph Avoid the clowns.
Avoid the phonies. polygraphs

INSIST on being able to LIVE (not recorded) monitor
the exam, or find another examiner who is professional!

Also be watching the polygraph computer screen the entire time the test occurs.

watch polygraph screen

Before the test starts, the examiner should explain what
he/she (and you) should watch for on the wiggly lines above.

He/she will be watching the size of the 'green mountains' (sweat) on certain questions and
comparing those sizes to the 'green mountains' on the questions YOU wanted asked.

Same thing, comparing 'blue mountains' to 'blue mountains'.
And comparing 'red mountains' to 'red mountains'.

Although this is oversimplified, it give you the basic idea.
This is why polygraph is known as a 'comparison test'.

If an examiner will not let you quietly monitor the exam, RUN!


You have choices:
RUN if an examiner does not allow the client
to quietly monitor the exam from start to finish!

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